10 Creepiest Recent Discoveries

10 Creepiest Recent Discoveries

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Who knew what type of creepy creatures exist on this planet until
scientists discovered mermaid corpses. Not just this from remains
of the murdered pharaoh to radio waves from a distance race, we
are here with today’s video where we will show you the 10
creepiest recent discoveries.
A creepy artifact has been found recently, you know where?
Inside an Egyptian mummy!
This was found to be 2000 years old!
Made from a special type of mineral, Calcite, a tiny artifact was
found when the particle accelerator was used to examine the
That sounds quite interesting!
This artifact was found near the abdomen next to a tiny incision,
made to remove the mummy’s viscera.
This was the scarab beetle, a small remaining piece of an amulet,
placed inside the body for protection in the afterlife!

That sounds disturbing when we look at the age of that mummy,
which was of a four feet tall child!
This child was mummified at the age of 5 years! But the painting
on the coffin showed an adult woman.
According to experts, that painting might be the representation of
what that child would look like if it was not mummified.

Also known as the Ancient Galilee Boat, this was actually the
fishing boat dating back to 2000 years ago.
In 1986, this was discovered in Galilee at the bottom of the sea,
by a group of fishermen and amateur artifact hunters.
Some researchers even say that this was the original boat used
by Jesus and his disciples, made exactly as in the 1st century AD.
It took 12 long days to dig this 27 feet longboat out of the mud.
This boat was then wrapped in protective wax and preserved for
12 years, before setting it n the display.

Yeah…you heard it right… this might sound like the creepiest
discovery ever.
Scott Egan, an evolutionary biologist recently discovered a new
species of wasp, just within the walking distance of his
This species can be named the Parasite of a parasite!
Gall wasps lay eggs of oak leaves and the tree is seduced
chemically to produce growth called gall which shelters and feeds
the wasps larvae.
But these new species here, these lay eggs inside the gall of
other wasps gall!
Stealing the egg nests of other wasps, killing caterpillars, and
feeding on gall tissue is what the adult wasps do and their larvae
would eat on the dead caterpillars or even larvae of other wasps!
What a mind-boggling creepy insect strategy…

This mysterious object is really going to shock you!
Discovered in 1887, this large cup and ring marked rock was
found at Auchnacraig, Scotland.

Huge slab featuring over 90 grooved spirals, rings, and carved
indentations, this incredible rock dates back to the Bronze age.
According to archeologists, this rock is at least 5000 years old.
Measuring 42 by 26 feet stone shows the rock art of the bronze
age and is considered to be one of the finest sets of petroglyphs
in Scotland.
This petroglyph also has a carving of four-toed feet which does
not match any organisms thriving 5000 years ago.
Unfortunately, to save this rock against Vandalism this stone was
reburied in 1965. Later on, in 2015 the stone was partially re-
exposed for investigation during a 3-day dig by a team involving
archaeologists from the University of Glasgow,
Well, researchers aren’t a hundred percent sure what all the
carvings mean but this is still one of the oldest pieces of drawn
imagery in the history of mankind, especially Britain.
Carvings and paintings reveal much about our past and we get to
know what our ancestors wanted to say…But some carvings are
mysterious and creepy.

Back in June 2018, freaky paintings were discovered in Tanzania
leading us to speculate as to what type of creatures exactly
existed in the past!
Humanoid figures resembling aliens!
Paintings were found in a small cave shelter and images depicted
some strange ritual scenes that don't make any sense…at least
to us!
The rituals drawn had no connection with the traditional rituals
enacted by the local culture known as the Sandaway. They have
DNA lineage dating back as far as 87,000 years ago.
Researchers from Poland said that the figures depicted by the
paintings are unknown. Figures of cattle and buffalo along with
some looking like humanoid monsters, with circular heads and
long stringy limbs!
There was something creepy going on in the past!


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