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18 people arrested in Weber County undercover operation


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WEBER COUNTY, Utah (ABC4 News) – The Weber County Investigations Bureau announced they have arrested 18 people involved in human trafficking in an undercover operation in Western Weber County in a human trafficking sting.

The sting happened during the week leading up to Christmas, according to deputies.

The purpose of the operation according to deputies was to identify and help victims of human trafficking and identify and arrest individuals who are involved in, patronize, or promote the underground sex trade.

Undercover detectives used both the tactics and websites common with sex trafficking to make the 18 arrests. The individuals arrested reportedly met undercover detectives at a local motel in order to exchange money for sexual acts.

These individuals are facing various charges including patronizing a prostitute, solicitation of a prostitute, prostitution, and possession of a controlled substance, according to deputies.

The Weber County Sherriff’s office says they are committed to investigating and stopping human trafficking in the community.


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