200 Mutton Paya – 50 Goat Legs Cooking By Grandpa – Nihari For Poor & Unfortunate People Of Village

200 pieces mutton paya recipe cooking in village by 70+ years old 3 brothers grandpa for old age poor & unfortunate people of village community.

Today we bought all leg/foot of 50 goat. Each goat has 4 pieces of leg/foot. So we bought 200 pieces of goat foot to cook super delicious mutton leg paya/nihari for special people of village community.

First 3 grandpa processing all the 200 goat legs and then they clean it using pure drinking water. After that they start cooking using all kind of spice ingredient. All the ingredient name we added with video as English subtitle.

After finish cooking 3 grandpa eating together and make packet of food. Then they visit unfortunate people house and give them precious food packet.

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