You are currently viewing A Closer Look At…Prostate Cancer Treatments

A Closer Look At…Prostate Cancer Treatments

(03:00 – Moores Cancer Center: Bringing Cutting-Edge Treatments to San Diego and Beyond – J. Kellogg Parsons, 18:16 – Advancing the Clinical Application of Genomics in Prostate Cancer – Rana McKay, 43:30 – Developing and Translating Therapies for Prostate Cancer Using Patient-Derived Models, 1:04:21 – Patient Perspective – Lenny Green, 1:10:43 – Q&A) Leslie Crews, PhD, J. Kellogg Parsons, MD, Rana McKay, MD, and Christina Jamieson, PhD discuss the next generation of cancer treatments. They are joined by Lenny Green who shares the story of his cancer treatment. Recorded on 12/17/2020. [1/2021] [Show ID: 36547]

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