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A Corporate Foundations Employee Led Philanthropy

ON Semiconductor employees cover the globe as does their philanthropic interests. See how they helped so many organizations achieve their missions with coordinated employee involvement.

This video is from a recent episode of The Nonprofit Show –the daily live National web videocast where the Nonprofit Community comes together for problem-solving, innovation, and change. Each weekday the hosts and their guests cover different nonprofit topics with fresh ideas to help your nonprofit achieve its mission, vision, and values.
If you lead or work for a registered nonprofit 501(c)(3), are just working for a good cause or charitable purpose–or are thinking of starting a nonprofit–, The Nonprofit Show is an excellent resource of current nonprofit information and strategies to help you be more successful. Each weekday there is a new guest on the fast-paced 30-minute LIVE show– from nonprofit boards, foundations, volunteer managers, donor relations, fundraising experts, NPO marketing consultants, grant writers, philanthropic donors, nonprofit legal and compliance professionals, online and digital nonprofit software and apps providers, Nonprofit CRM programs, charity tax expertise, virtual galas and online nonprofit charity event programs, NPO strategic planning, fundraising and fund development, capital campaigns, donation management, nonprofit jobs and human resource leaders, global NGO organizations, and nonprofit sector Thought Leaders.
If you are starting a nonprofit, The Nonprofit Show is an outstanding way to ask questions and see the trends in charity, as well as obtain nonprofit technical support.
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