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In the Moscow region, police began to check on the discovery of a child in Balashikha, who lived for about two weeks in a makeshift building with a visitor from Central Asia. About this on Thursday, October 29, reported press service of the regional GU MIA of Russia.

As told in the department, a message from a local resident was received at the duty department, who said that in the May 1 microdistrict there is a young child without adult supervision at the playground. The information was confirmed. The police found that the boy lived for about two weeks in a makeshift building together with a 46-year-old visitor from Central Azria, presumably his father.

The child was sent to a medical facility. It is confirmed that no illegal actions have been committed against him, writes the city news agency “Moscow”

The police are conducting an investigation into the incident. As writes “Reedus”, the boy lived in a homeless camp, its residents do not know exactly his age, but they assume that he is between six and eight years old. The boy’s mother died in the spring, and his father, a native of Uzbekistan, cannot return home with his son due to the pandemic. At the same time, he takes care of the child and sometimes sends him to wash and wash clothes to friends. Neither the man nor the child had any documents. Guardianship services are conducting their own investigation in order to find out all the circumstances of this case, the TV channel notes. “360”

On October 29, it was reported that a three-year-old child in Moscow had left kindergarten for a shopping center. The prosecutor’s office began an investigation into the incident.


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