A man came to Prohet Moses, and said, "Tell Allah to give me all my sustenance."

A man came to Prohet Moses (A.S) and said to Moses (A.S), “Tell Allah to give me all my sustenance.”

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Once a poor man came to Moses. And he began to ask you about his trouble: O Musa, you are the word of Allah. Ask Allah to increase my provision. At his request, Moses made this request to God. He said, “Say to him, ‘
He is destined to receive as much sustenance as he will receive. You told him that the same amount of sustenance has been written in your destiny. He said, “Then ask Allah to give me as much sustenance as He has written in my destiny at once. You explained to him that it is possible.” do not have. If you take it all at once, then how will you spend the rest of your life? The poor man was adamant that you should convey his message to Allah. You tried hard to explain it to him but when he did not agree, you conveyed his message to Allah. (Although Allah is well aware of everything) Allah accepted his word and gave him the sustenance of his whole life at once. When he got his sustenance, he realized what would happen to the rest of the poor due to hunger. Thinking this, he announced to the poor that whoever is poor, whoever does not get food should come and eat from me. So that he opened the anchorage, the poor and needy kept coming and he kept feeding them generously.
A week later, when Prophet Moses passed in front of his house, his anchorage was full of the poor and needy. You came back. Then when you came to his house a month later, you were shocked to see it. All that was left was that his house was still full of the poor and needy. People were coming and eating to their heart’s content. When you passed by after two months, the situation was still the same that the anchor was full of food. You were very surprised and asked Allah, “O master, what is the matter?” Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “It is the principle of Allaah that whoever spends in His cause, his provision will never be straitened, and I bestow on him of My unseen treasures.” If he did not stop himself from helping and feeding them, then how could Allah, the Lord of the worlds, stop the provision of His servant?
Friends, it is clear from this incident that whoever wants to expand his livelihood should include the poor in his wealth.




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