You are currently viewing "A Special Thank You Concert" by the SOS Africa Charity Children

"A Special Thank You Concert" by the SOS Africa Charity Children

A few days ago the SOS Africa staff, volunteers and sponsors received a very special early Christmas present from SOS Africa’s children in the Western Cape. To show their appreciation for the life changing opportunities now available to them, with the help of Madeleine and her wonderful Aftercare assistants, these children decided to perform a special concert to demonstrate how much their lives have been empowered by the education they now receive. Throughout the inspirational 30 minute performance, the stars of the spectacle showed off their many talents, shared their dreams and aspirations and thanked the many people who have made them seem achievable.
Besides the parents and teachers of the children who watched it live, the privilege of the first concert viewing was given to the volunteers of SOS Africa’s charity shop. It is fair to say that within minutes, there was not a dry eye in the house. Many in the audience agreed that what made the whole experience so special is the close connection the volunteers felt to the children they have worked so hard to support! They also agreed that the most striking feature of the concert had to be that it clearly emanated straight from the hearts of our children. Although most of them have only been with us for a year, it also showed how much they have grown and that for them, anything is now possible.


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