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A woman gives to the homeless on her 50th birthday | Get Uplifted


WASHINGTON — It’s time to Get Uplifted, a time to take our minds off the negativity around us and focus on the positive – the stories that lift us up! Today that positive energy comes from Michelle Giles. Michelle celebrated her 50th birthday this past Tuesday by paying it forward and giving away 50 gift bags to homeless people instead of receiving presents for herself.

According to those closest to her, Michelle has always been a kind, loving and giving person. A breast cancer survivor, Michelle has devoted herself to helping and encouraging other women in their battle with the disease. Giving back is what she does! It’s no surprise that on her birthday the first thing Michelle Giles wanted to do was to provide blessings for people in need.

I want to thank Michelle’s friend Tiwanda Burse for letting us know about her birthday and the selfless way she chose to celebrate it. Happy Birthday Michelle! Thank you for everything that you do to make life better for so many people.

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