You are currently viewing Abandoned monkey Rolex Feel hungry please someone give some food to poor monkey

Abandoned monkey Rolex Feel hungry please someone give some food to poor monkey

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Dear everyone,
Good evening everyone? How are you doing today?
Welcome to YOULIKE MONKEY! Today I would like to tell you that…..
That’s information about the monkey in Siem reap. Normally I take videos from Mak, Amari and Cabcela troop. All these three troops are very famous monkeys and so lovely. I also want to take others but it pends on my times.
A. Mak troop

1. Members are Mak troop (a, Male Monkeys)
1. Mak is the king or leader
2. Roll Roy was a king.
3. Loki is looking after babies or troops.
4. Vinny

1. For females with babies’ name
1. Daisy is mum. Her baby is Dax, Rey.
2. April is mum. Her baby Asea and Spring.
3. Duchess is a mum. Her babies are Duke and Dakota.
4. Queen is a mum. Her baby is Quinton.
5. Gladdish is a mum. Her babies are George and Beven.
6. Diamond is a mum. Her babies are Nunda, David, and Dustin but mum is gone.
7. Brianna is a mum. Her babies are Bronco, Pron X and Baron, and Bridget.
8. Teresa is a grandma’s monkey.
9. Cora is a step mum, she kooks after Botton.
10. Blacky is a mum. Her babies are Barbi and Beven.
11. Scarelate is a mum. Her baby is Sami.
12. Angel is a mum. Her baby is Ada.
13. Elsa is a mum. Her babies are Ellen, Angel.
14. Mona is no baby.
15. Piper looks after Dustin after Diamond dies.
16. Jade is mum. Her baby is Julina.
17. Better is mum. Her baby is Botton.
18. Rose
19. Jane is mum. Her baby Janet, Tarzana, Janna
20. Violet mum, viola baby, and Viki

2. For Protector troop. (male monkeys)
1. Gimo
2. Bun
3. Daro
4. Dara
5. OB
6. Drew
7. Joy
8. Sundra (he fights now)

B. For Amari troop. Information
Group one
Skipy is the leader. He controls all-female monkeys.
1. Maira her baby Mia
2. DeeDee her baby is Delena.
3. Jill her baby is Jilla.
4. Jessie
5. Sheeri
6. Tima
7. Ashly
8. Lucy death
9. Maci

Group two Felix with Sweetpea
Group three Marcuse, Jack Brutus JR, Timo, Polino, Maddix, Donny,
Note: Drew and Joy left to stay in Mak now
Felix and Marcus are not happy at all. All males monkeys are following Marcus and Felix. Skipy controls all females.
For my channel, generally, I feed and care for them as I can every day. I know them well with names and characters. For mak troops, we all always cared and feed them every day. Amari is also the same.
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