Abstract Acrylic Painter

Martina uses abstract and figurative painting as a vehicle to connect to her audience with passion, creativity, therapeutic themes and touching on what it means to start a new journey in life. She has waited until age 50 to start her journey as a Painter. Martina uses her art to create meaning and symbolism as well as a sense of spirituality in her work. her painterly brushstrokes are a vehicle into her artistic and personal renaissance. Martina strives to help others remove boundaries that block their growth in their personal and creative development. Her passion to connect with others exudes from her work and in the videos she shares. Interestingly, being a 1st generation Czech-American who was raised in the Caribbean, (St.Thomas USVI) inspires her vivid use of color in her art and her stories. Martina uses her vivid experiences to express herself in her work. She is an emerging artist however has been creating art her entire life. She has achieved her French Teaching credentials and MSED with focuses in Art and Women’s studies. Recently as March 2021…has been part of exhibitions in M.A.D.S. Gallery in Milan, Italy and is currently collaborating with galleries in Madrid, and Paris. Her paintings “Queen” and “Spirit of Carnival” are in Greece at World of Crete Gallery. She has an international presence and has the current goal of working towards a larger body of work and exhibiting in fine art museums and galleries in the U.S. She resides in Northeastern Ponte Vedra, Florida. The observer can see her focus on nature and female sensuality in her representational pieces, her emotion and passion exude with color and a sense of spirituality in her abstract art. These elements are palpable in every brushstroke she executes. Painting embodies healing for her much like writers use journaling. She is embarking on a new phase of her life awakening her feminine mystique.
Martina draws on past referencing stories like the time she hitch hiked from Paris to Denmark with a girlfriend…or having lived in Las Vegas raising her family there, becoming a competitive swimmer after a sudden hip replacement. These experiences such as her modeling days in Paris help to evoke the Vogue quality in “The Model” and intensity in her Goddess paintings such as; with “Nyx” “Odessa” and “Rhea”.

Martina is a commission artist and has her works displayed and available in print and merchandise on her website Artbymartina.com her Instagram : m_a_r_t_ina

Ultimately, her higher goal is to dedicate some of her sales to women’s shelters and to the St.Jude’s Children’s Hospital.


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