Advocates for Evansville homeless remember those who died in 2020

EVANSVILLE, Ind. — Since 1990, advocates for the region’s homeless have gathered in a local church one evening per year to remember those who have died.

On Thursday, they spoke about veterans, college graduates, parents, grandparents. The eight individuals were from disparate walks of life, but they were united by having experienced homelessness in or near Evansville.

Many of those who either watched Thursday’s memorial service on livestream or sat socially distanced at The Gathering Church knew at least one of them personally.

The late Walter Kimbrew was, in the words of Carrie Burress, “one of the most patient and respectful people I’ve worked with while I’ve been at Aurora.” Aurora is a local nonprofit that seeks solutions for people who are homeless.

Burress met Kimbrew at United Caring Services and worked with him on locating an apartment. She said Kimbrew always appreciated the effort.

“He waited almost a year for his apartment,” said Burress, an outreach case manager with Aurora. “He would check in and see if it was ready yet, how it was coming along, but he would never take anything if I asked if he needed anything else. He would always tell me to have a nice day and thank me for what I was doing.”

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