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Andrew Claims Amira’s Father Abandoned Her As A Child


Andrew Kenton made some shocking claims against Amira’s father. He called him “homeless” and “feckless,” and said he’s always begging for money.

Even after taking so many risks amid the coronavirus pandemic, 90 Day Fiancé stars Andrew Kenton and Amira Lollysa couldn’t reunite. In the recent episode, Amira revealed that she was deported to France after being detained for three days in Mexico City. At the French airport, she met her father, Hamdi, who was troubled to see his daughter go through such a traumatic experience. He put all the blame on her daughter’s fiancé and said, “He is not a man.” But, Andrew isn’t ready to take the blame. He recently took to his Instagram and slammed Amira’s father, making some serious, shocking claims against him.

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Amira and Andrew met through an international dating website two years ago. Eventually, they decided to meet each other in person in Las Vegas. Within a few days, they got engaged, and Andrew started the K-1 visa process. The 90 Day Fiancé couple had to wait for a year to get through the whole ordeal. However, when Amira finally got her visa, she couldn’t travel to the United States because of the travel restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Still, Amira flew to Mexico, thinking that she would quarantine there with Andrew and then enter the American border. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned. She eventually had to go back to France, and her father was enraged at Andrew for allegedly forcing his daughter to take that risk.

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But, the daycare dude appears infuriated with Hamdi’s recent remarks. He is ready with his side of the story, which includes some shocking claims about Amira’s father. Andrew wrote some chilling details on his Instagram and called out Hamdi for being absent from his daughter’s life when she was a child. He began, “Quote from last week: ‘He is not a man.’ This is especially hilarious given who said it. Amira’s father, Hamdi, has never met any of Amira’s boyfriends.” Andrew alleges that Hamdi “cycles in and out of homelessness.” The newest member of TLC called him “feckless,” and someone who is always “begging for money.” 

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Andrew said that he has helped Amira’s family substantially; still, her father has some “delusion to believe he is the man.” In another chilling statement, he accused Hamdi of abandoning his daughter as a child, only to reappear when she was an adult. Andrew continued, “He tricks the French government for benefits. He has repeatedly tried to get his daughter on TV. Big Brother France and various others. Fame over everything.” 

Earlier, the TLC star Andrew trashed his half-French and half-Egyptian beauty Amira and called her “fame-hungry.” Well, 90 Day Fiancé fans don’t know who is lying and who to trust at this moment, but they’re certainly getting what they crave the most – top-notch drama.

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