Atlantic Circle – InConversation – "Philanthropy in the world today, how might that benefit UWC?"

The talk will feature Jan Petit (UWCA ’77) and is titled:

“Philanthropy in the world today, how might that benefit UWC?”

After a fantastic time at UWC Atlantic, Jan went to study Economics in Groningen (Netherlands) and Wharton (USA). He started his career in investment banking and continued working for Shell Oil and KLM Airlines until 2000, when he launched his philanthropy consultancy company. He previously held various board positions at UWC Netherlands and UWC International, and between 2006-09 helped in setting up UWC Maastricht. Jan serves as a board member of a number of cultural institutions, Fulbright Netherlands, as well as a refugee foundation.

In his InConversation talk Jan will focus on the world of philanthropy, firstly by describing the field generally, to then use UWC as an example. He will share his experiences with raising funds for scholarships for UWC.


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