Au Gres Christian Charities Arenac County Flood Fundraiser | Nascar Heat 4 | $10 to Enter All Races

*** Au Gres Christian Charities Arenac County Flood Fundraiser (DO NOT SEND STARS, USE DONATION LINK BELOW)***

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I call on all of my followers, friends, and family to help the victims of the recent flood disaster in mid-May in Arenac County. There are families that have had to be relocated, homes destroyed, and people in desperate need. Miggitymike Gaming is teaming up with R.j’s Gaming, and Rick Williams Jr. to host a Dirt Track racing event that will last three days. There will be a $10 entry fee for anyone that would like to participate. Entry fees and all other donations will be donated directly to the Au Gres Christian Charities. Must have a PS4, a copy of NASCAR Heat 4, and Internet in order to play. Even if you don’t have a PS4 you are invited to watch the race and support the cause. Let’s all have some fun and partake in some positive vibes and join us in helping out our neighbors! Donations are live, the link can be found below.

*** Fundraiser Doination Link: ***

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