AVPN Webinar: Shifts in Chinese Private Sector Giving: Pandemic Philanthropy, China, and Technology

Since the start of the pandemic, Chinese philanthropists have donated over $250 million towards COVID-19 R&D-related initiatives. This includes funding for R&D around diagnostics, therapeutics as well as the coveted COVID-19 vaccine both within China and abroad. This wave of private donations to health R&D represents a new trend, which has the potential to reshape China’s philanthropic sector and contribute positively to collaborative international efforts.

Bridge Consulting, an AVPN member and a Beijing-based global health and development-focused consultancy, launched its inaugural report on philanthropy titled Pandemic Philanthropy: Exploring Chinese Donors’ Embrace of COVID-19 R&D Funding. To fill gaps in expertise for effective R&D, the Report identifies opportunities for international actors to collaborate locally.

Through the perspectives of a donor, grantee, and R&D expert, this webinar will seek to:

– Share the highlights of the Report that can potentially influence funders’ funding directions
– Explore how China’s research institutes, companies and foundations have contributed to fighting the COVID-19 pandemic
– Call for collaboration among international funders and explore partnership opportunities


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