Awareness of Domestic & Intimate Partner Violence w/ Sara Thompson

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Dr. Sara Thompson is a strong and determined divorcee who has experienced physical, sexual, emotional and psychological abuse at the hands of people who were supposed to love her. She speaks her truth because she doesn’t consider herself a victim and she wants her transparency about DV/IPV to help others know they deserve to be free of violence, be full of happiness, reclaim their lives, and rewrite their story. Aside from her profession in education,
-she is a guardian ad litem in SC (advocating for youth who have been abused and/or neglected by their guardian),
-a trained domestic violence advocate (working with females who experienced abuse and other traumas),
-licensed professional counselor,
-a certified health coach, and yoga instructor.

Dr. Thompson is going to share her experience with domestic / intimate partner violence as well as educate us on the matter. We are going to talk about myths, facts, signs, types of abuse, and short/long term effects of DV/IPV.
Sara and I both know that DV/IPV is a problematic social and public health crisis throughout the U.S. and having experienced years of abuse she wants to share with the world as much information as possible to help stop this type of violence because it can be stopped! And for those who are being abused, to know that you deserve better.

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