Baby too hungry but mom doesn't give food to baby monkey

Baby too hungry but mom doesn’t give food to baby monkey

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Today Monkey Cambodia wound like to show you about”Baby too hungry but mom doesn’t give food to baby monkey”

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After three years I have been filmed many monkeys for their daily life, so I got many experiences from them, and I wound like to share with viewers and people around the world about how monkeys live for their nature because it looks very similar with human.

For my channel is such a great education to learn!

1 – Time for monkeys wake up

Monkeys usually wake up in the early morning around 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM, and it depend on the weather if the weather has rain or gloominess, so all monkeys wake up longer than normal. All monkeys sleep on the tree, and they never sleep on the ground at night.

2 – Lunch time

Monkeys take a rest after lunch and go to stay on the tree by following their king. Mom monkeys feed milk to their baby on the tree when baby hungry or need milk. The adult monkeys take a nap after lunch. Around time 2:00 PM the leader or king monkey leads his members to climb down from the tree to find food on the ground. They like eating worm, grasshopper and natural fruits.

3 – In the evening

The king monkey leads his group go to bed usually around 6:30 PM – 7:00 PM if the weather is not raining. If the weather is raining, so monkeys go to sleep faster than normal.

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