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Beaver County homeless men and families lack facility


A small group gathered outside of Uncommon Grounds, in Aliquippa in 2018 to pray for the homeless. From right are Nora Miller of Hopewell Township, Lisa Signore of Patterson Township, Denis Sutter of Beaver and Lt. Fabi Soto of the Beaver Falls Salvation Army. [BCT file]

Snow covered the streets of Beaver County Tuesday as the temperatures dipped into the low 30s — and for the second winter, there was no shelter for the county’s homeless men. 

It’s been more than 500 days since there was a dedicated homeless shelter for men in Beaver County, and officials say it’s a situation unlikely to change before spring.

“For this winter, we’re thinking it’s a ways off, but hoping by early spring to have something coming together,” said Beaver County Commissioner Jack Manning. “What’s complicated things even more is COVID itself, because opening a facility for 15-16 homeless men and putting them into a shelter presents other potential issues than just trying to get them out of the elements.”


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