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Wealthy Glastonbury businessman Bruce Bemer, who stands convicted of being involved in a sex-trafficking ring, told officers after he was stabbed multiple times at his home Tuesday night that the attack was unprovoked, according to a police affidavit.

He was in his office when Jason McCormick walked in with two steak knives and came at him “like a wild man,” Bemer told police.

McCormick, 47, who was living with Bemer at 215 Sherwood Drive, is facing charges of attempted murder, first-degree assault of an elderly person, and second-degree threatening.

McCormick was arraigned in Vernon Superior Court Thursday, where Judge Hope Seeley increased his bond from $500,000 to $1 million, as recommended by prosecutor Justin Blain.

Bemer, who is in his late 60s, was sentenced in June 2019 to 10 years in prison for his involvement with a sex trafficking ring that preyed on young men with a drug addiction or mental illness.

Blain said it is fortunate Bemer survived the attack, which was “nothing short of brutal.”

Based on the nature of Bemer’s wounds, McCormick “intended a different outcome,” Blain said.

According to police, Bemer suffered multiple stab wounds to his right leg, a fractured leg bone, and was stabbed in his back, chest, and shoulder.

The affidavit supporting McCormick’s arrest provides the following additional details:

Shortly after 11:30 p.m. Tuesday, police received a 911 call from Bemer who stated, “I’ve just been stabbed multiple times by Jason McCormick.”

Police also received a call from a friend of Bemer, who said Bemer asked him to call 911. The friend reported hearing McCormick “going crazy in the background.”

When police arrived at the home they found Bemer standing in the open garage with lots of blood on his back, leg, and on the ground nearby.

Bemer repeated that McCormick had stabbed him, and warned police that McCormick was armed with a knife in the basement.

Bemer then attempted to walk out of the garage to meet the officers, but he collapsed, so police dragged him to the end of the driveway, and paramedics soon arrived.

Police then formed a perimeter around the house, and one officer saw McCormick lying on the floor through a basement window. There was a knife on the floor next to him, and his arms were covered with blood.

Police forced the basement door open and commanded McCormick to crawl towards them and exit the house, but police ended up having to drag him out as well, the affidavit states.

The wounds to McCormick’s arms appeared self-inflicted, but he didn’t answer questions about why he cut himself. He did tell police that he was “sorry,” however.

In further questioning from police at the hospital, McCormick asked if Bemer was still alive.

Police also spoke with Bemer at the hospital, and learned that the two men weren’t fighting or involved in any fights before the stabbing.

Bemer said he thought McCormick may have been drunk, as he was walking around talking to himself.

Then, while in his office, McCormick walked in and “just started swinging his arms back and forth with the knives in his hands while coming at me like a wild man,” Bemer told police.

Bemer said he thought McCormick stabbed him as he was escaping from the room.

“It was just unprovoked,” Bemer told police.

The Associated Press reported that McCormick is Bemer’s longtime domestic partner.

Bemer has been free on a $750,000 appeal bond following his sentencing last year.

Bemer, who owns a number of area businesses including Bemer Petroleum in Glastonbury, Skylark Airport in East Windsor, and several motorcycle dealerships, was one of three men convicted in the sex-trafficking ring.

Bemer admitted he patronized prostitutes, but denied any role in human trafficking.

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