Bill Gates is Becoming An American Supervillain Via His Land and Patent Acquisition

As a man who propagates that the elderly need not live so long and that private property is a burden (not quite in those terms), it is awfully interesting why Bill Gates is now all of a sudden America’s Largest Farm Land Owner.

What is going to do with all that land? Well plant Genetically Modified crops via his sizeable investment in Monsanto and Cargill to send them throughout the world one might surmise given the data.

Gates has been at the forefront of disinformation regarding Vaccines for a long time now, he has been called out for his foolish takes, but most of his troubling ideas have flown under the radar. He has a desire to control and track movement of people under the auspices of Contact Tracing, and create easy to deliver Vaccines via his implantable receptacles and barcode tracing technology.

Don’t believe me, look at all the patents Gates has applied for and gotten. The man is putting Lex Luthor to shame with his work ethic.

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