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Bill to decriminalize sex work proposed in Albany


NEW YORK — Prostitution will be decriminalized in New York state if a bill proposed by State Sen. Liz Krueger becomes law.

Monday, Krueger announced the introduction of the Sex Trade Survivors Justice and Equality Act.

Under the proposed law, people working in prostitution and their clients would no longer face criminal charges.

Pimps and sex traffickers would still have to face the law and potential jail time.

Krueger explained there’s a “sliding scale” for penalties.

Her proposal was hailed by Melanie Thompson, a survivor of sex trafficking and youth outreach coordinator for the Coalition Against Trafficking for Women.

“There were a lot of survivors and people that I met when I was in the game,” Thompson told PIX11 News. “A lot of them haven’t made it.”

Krueger’s bill would also expunge past convictions for people who worked in prostitution, give them access to trauma services and offer support if they want to leave the sex trade.

Krueger has support from Assemblyperson Pamela Hunter and hopes to gain more support in Albany.


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