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Boredom Busters for Families Stuck at Home (Awesome Ideas for Single Parents)


Families can be stuck at home and in need of boredom busters for several reasons.

Maybe it is below zero outside, maybe you are avoiding getting exposed to something, maybe you are short of money. Maybe you are trying to work from home and you have the kids there with you.

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Whatever the reason you are stuck at home you don’t need to be bored. There are hundreds of fun activities to do as a family.

  1. Play charades using movie titles, songs or T.V. shows
  2. Family Karaoke–search Sing King on YouTube is a fun channel to get you started
  3. Family Kazoo Band. If you aren’t sure how to start this book will help you out.
  4. Put a Puzzle together. This is my favorites and there are so many options from jigsaw puzzles with different size pieces to 3D Wooden puzzles.
  5. Make a model or a Lego creation get really fancy and add lights to your creation.
  6. Rearrange a room
  7. Paint a room, if it is one of the kids’ bedrooms let them pick the color (you may want to exclude black from the options)
  8. Make a bonfire and make smores or roast hot dogs or bacon over the fire
  9. Do an obstacle course in the yard
  10. Do a puppet show, if you don’t have puppets you can make them or stuffed animals will work in a pinch.
  11. Go for a walk around the neighborhood looking for signs of the season
  12. Have a murder mystery night

How Do I Stop My Kids From Getting Bored?

Here are even more activities to do as a family when your kids are bored. Some of the lists have only activities to do at home and others have a mixture of at home and away from home activities.?

Free Boredom Busters for Families

If you can leave town try some of these virtual experiences to explore the world.

  1. Livestreams of animals from around the world
  2. Free computer science classes
  3. Virtual tours of famous museums
  4. 1 month free of Kindle Books
  5. 15 Broadway plays and musicals you can watch at home
  6. Virtual Tours of National Parks
  7. Play Where on Google Earth is Carmen Sandieg0
  8. Ultimate List of Zoos and Aquariums with Online Education

Is It Okay for Kids to Be Bored?

Boredom has many surprising benefits. A little boredom can be a great way to spark creativity. Boredom can be a motivation for change. If you are bored it may spark your kids to pick up a hobby like drawing, playing music or sports. All of those activities need significant practice to be proficient. 

Boredom is also an opportunity for self-reflection. Journaling can be a great way to increase self undersanding, but it takes time to sit quietly and thing.

Is it okay to be bored

How Do I Fight Summer Boredom?

Three months of summer is fun at first, but by August kids are often missing friends and the structure of school. These two lists are great boredom busters for summertime.

Summer Boredom Busters

boredom busters when you are suck at home


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