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Boy, 13, raises nearly £4,500 to give more than 60 homeless children Christmas presents


A 13-year-old boy has raised nearly £4,500 to give over 60 homeless children Christmas presents.

Jaxson Turner raised the money through GoFundMe, Facebook and other social media platforms to supply children in need with gifts.

Caring Jaxson, of Texas, USA, gave the presents to The Samaritan Inn in McKinney with new trainers, coats, socks, toys and a hot meal for the holidays.

“I think we need to help them because so many families during this pandemic are losing their jobs or their houses and moms are already worrying about being homeless,” Jaxson said.

“Why should they worry about Christmas for their children too?”

This was Jaxson’s third year holding the Christmas event under his non-profit Never Too Young To Care (N2Y2C).

The youngster urged others to help people struggling during the pandemic

Jaxson began collecting donations October 1, donating the items on December 12 and providing the families with Chick-fil-A,Pizza Hut, macaroni, chicken nuggets and cookies at the event.

“Some people were crying tears,” Jaxson said on the families’ responses.

“One of the families with four kids and a mother let me know that their children had never gotten brand new shoes before.”

Jaxson founded N2Y2C three years ago on his birthday, launching his first project on Easter day.

Jaxson pictured here with McKinney Mayor George Fuller and his wife

The Texas boy started collecting donations on October 1

“My mum kept asking over and over what I wanted to do for my birthday and that’s when I decided I wanted to feed the homeless,” he said.

“I would always see homeless families on the street asking for food and I thought no family should go without an Easter dinner meal.”

In addition to the yearly Easter and Christmas events, N2Y2C also holds a yearly domestic violence awareness event, donating toilet paper, socks, laundry detergent and monetary assistance to a domestic violence organization.

They also hold a back to school event, raising money for backpacks, school supplies and haircuts for children.

More information about N2Y2C and their events can be found at


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