Breaking Heart! Why King Aron Make Mistake Wrong Love By Kidnap Poor Baby Anissa From Mum Anna

Breaking Heart! Why King Aron Make Mistake Wrong Love By Kidnap Poor Baby Anissa From Mum Anna
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Welcome to my channel Daily Monkey Planet(DMP). It is created to document showing about the daily life of monkeys at Angkor National Park, about 7 km on the north of Siem Reap, Cambodia. These monkey always live on the trees and generally they move from places to other places to look for food for surviving.
There are only three places they move such as:
1: Between Baphuon temple (built in the 11th century by Khmer king Uddeyatityavarman II, dedicated to Hinduism) and
Bayon temple (The Mahayana Buddhism built in the 13th century by Khmer King).
2: Between Bayon temple to South gate of Angkor Thom city(It was the largest Capital in the world in the 13th century, was built in the 13th century by Khmer
king Jayavarman VII,dedicated to Mahayana Buddhism)
3: Basei Chamkrong temple (it was built by Khmer king Rajendravarman II,dedicated to Hinduism for Shiva God)
Many local and foreign tourists love them and feed them by fruits, play with them , because these monkeys are so cute, especially the babies and a little monkeys.
Their activity make us very happy are playing, jumping, swimming,stealing a little baby from each other, fighting, jealous each other, stealing milk
younger sister or brother, mother bit their babies, reject milk of their babies, baby monkey screaming, big monkey kidnap a little baby monkey and their mothers
follow up to take back, baby request milk from mother, baby need care from mother, baby need mother to breastfeed,
mother love, help, protect and take care of their babies when babies get sick and dangerous or other enemy attack and bite their babies. After eating fruit or food, these
monkeys feel thirsty and we give them some water, we help and save them when they are in trap, we help to cure them when they get accident such s falling from tree, other
big monkeys bites, motorbikes or car hit them, we treat them by medicine when they are sick and so on. These reason that make us enjoy to make film of these monkeys to show you
and the world to help wildlife all together.
The reason we created this channel Daily Monkey Planet because nowadays, they are facing to loss the numbers of monkeys such as habitat loss, diminishing resources,
drastic changes to the regional weather seasons.We are happy that you are my channel Daily Monkey Planet’s fans, you can make positive different sharing what you have
learn about the monkeys and make conversation at least one a week with us to prevent them in good ways to help the world wildlife together.We love animals.
We certainty against with hunting, trapping, beating, violence on monkeys or animals.We love and help our lovely world wildlife.
All these monkeys have named and easy to remember from newborn babies till old monkeys. We can not name these monkey by ourselves.Who named them? The experts of monkey name them as foreign names,not local names.
We love their names so much from mothers to babies.
There are few groups of monkeys at Angkor National Park such as:
1: Carbzila Group live at East and South of Angkor Wat
2: Amber Group live inside Angkor Thom,Bayon temple,Baphuon temple and Baksei Chamkrong temple
3: Amari Group live inside Angkor Thom, Bayon temple, Baphuon temple, Phimean Akas.
4:Tobias Group live at North gate of Angkor Thom city.
5: Alba Group live at Wat Preah Ang Bram Lveng
6:Sva Prey Group live inside Angkor Thom between South of Angkor Thom to Bayon temple.
We are happy to tell you how to recognize each monkey because they have each significant identification.
If you have any ideas about our videos or what you want us more focus, please kindly comment below.
Please notice our channel Daily Monkey Planet (DMP) has only channel.
Finally, We appreciate sincerely request you to subscribe our channel Daily Monkey Planet to reach our goal number.
So We hopefully will be qualified enough to be the animal helper or join with other organizations.
Warm welcome to see your comment, like, share and subscribe and your suggestion and any idea to improve my channel or videos, please do not hesitate!
Thank you so much for your effort to follow up my channel and watch my videos.
All the best with regards
Daily Monkey Planet


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