Bringing Clean Water to Africa-MMM is Different from Other Water Charities #waterislife #cleanwater

Sustainable water projects help Malawi, Zambia & Tanzania end their water crisis. Marion Medical Mission works with rural villages to build simple water wells which provide safe drinking water. The new well provides clean water and prevents women & children walking for hours to find water each day. The wells are appropriate technology for rural villages and can be maintained without outside assistance. Functionality surveys show that more than 80% of MMM wells continue to provide clean drinking water for many generations.

Marion Medical Mission, a local Christian charity, has built 39,000 wells covering more than 60,000 square miles across Malawi, Tanzania & Zambia. They have brought safe drinking water to more than five million people who were previously drinking contaminated water and carrying dirty water from distant sources. Because the wells are a partnership between the village and the organization, each well costs only $450, and 100% of donation goes to the specified project with no overhead expenses deducted. Each donor who sponsors a well receives a photo of the well and some members of the village celebrating clean water. Every well is dedicated to the Glory of God.

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