Buffalo Soldiers hand out emergency kits to help homeless people

The local motorcycle club delivered hot soup and emergency kits to people without housing as a cold front moves into the area.

TOLEDO, Ohio — A local group hit the streets ahead of the severe cold to bring some warmth to those in need. 

The Buffalo Soldiers drove around downtown Toledo for the third time in a week to hand out emergency kits to homeless people Wednesday.

Group president Earl Mack says this is is the third year they’re doing this, teaming up with Off the Rails Food Trolley to bring warm food during cold weather.

Several groups like the City of Toledo and Paramount have donated supplies for the kits. The kits include winter gloves and a hat, socks, first aid supplies, a sleeping bag and more.

It’s all a part of the Buffalo Soldiers’ “Operation Taking it to the Streets.”

Mack says the need is great every year, but when the cold buckles down on the area each winter, that’s when the need is greatest and when they step in.

“Without this happening, involving many, many people like I said, where would we be? People would actually die on the street,” Mack said. “And that’s why we’re out here. That’s why the city of Toledo does what it does, that’s why the other charitable organizations do what they do, so that we can help people and help them survive.”

Mack says if you can to donate to area shelters with supplies or volunteer, it goes a long way.

And, he added as long as he keeps getting supplies in for the kits, he’ll be out to help those stuck on the streets in the next week as this frigid weather bears down on our city.

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