Calls for better services for homeless children


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There are more than 2,500 children living in temporary accommodation.

And over a thousand families affected.

Focus Ireland created a room on South Wiliam Street today to highlight the tough conditions they are facing

Becoming homeless is every family’s nightmare.

And Focus Ireland built a 12 by 12 room today in the city to show people just how bad it is.

It shows exactly how families are living today in such cramped conditions

Niamh Lamb is the project leader with Focus Ireland. 

She said: “Homelessness in Dublin has improved a lot in the last year but there is still a long way for us to go, there are still over 2,500 children homeless and over 1100 families homeless at the momemt in Dublin”.

Colleen Anderson returned to live in Ireland from the US two years ago.

However, having been hit by the pandemic, she has no family support and lost her job, leaving her in emergency accommodation.

She says she can’t imagine children living there

She told us: “It would be horrible, it would be horrible, kids have it rough as it is and then to have people, especially adults who should know better, screaming and just being ridiculous the screaming is one thing, the talking loud, the slamming of doors, then the fighting starts where they are yelling from hallway to hallway. It’s just all the years, I am 55 I have never ever been in a situation where it’s been this loud and crazy”.

With an increase in demand for services, Focus Ireland says, the country needs to do better for the homeless this Christmas.

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