You are currently viewing Capt Amarinder Singh Govt will not Give Food to Poor Peoples rs 5 Latest News

Capt Amarinder Singh Govt will not Give Food to Poor Peoples rs 5 Latest News

Chandigarh: Punjab youth smartphones and of the farmers’ debt waiver Captain Government has told the difficult work of a plate of food in poor Rs 5. Manifesto ‘in U-turn on their promise, Chief Minister Amarinder Singh said that the food to the poor at the rate of 5 per plate is not yet possible. He said the Red Cross societies have expressed helplessness about the food at Rs 5. He said that with a plate of food in the Rs 5 the government will look for money to cover the damage to societies and this will later thought about it. You announced operated tell us that the community kitchen at the district and sub-divisional offices at the Congress of the cheap bread in the election manifesto presented during the elections. These kitchens are to be operated by the Red Cross Societies in the district. The Congress government is currently preparing to implement this year, the three announcements of the manifesto. Smart phones are going to the tenders floated next month and has been asked to report in 6 months from the experts for debt waiver of Rs 35,000 crore of farmers. Under the SBS Youth Employment Generation Scheme for every home employment this year, a million taxi, L.. . . And will be provided loans at subsidized rates for the other vehicles.

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