Carmelo Anthony and Big Time Bordeaux – Acker's "All-Stars Uncorked"

The second installment of our All-Stars Uncorked Series features none other than NBA legend, Carmelo Anthony! The Portland Trail Blazers’ forward has not only made a name for himself in the NBA as one of the top scorers in the league, he has also diversified himself as a family man, businessman, and philanthropist. The Carmelo Anthony Foundation was founded over 15 years ago as a vehicle for actionable change and community impact, and this summer Carmelo co-founded the Social Change Fund dedicated to investing in and supporting organizations that advocate for and champion the Black community. His authentic passion for philanthropy serves as the through line across his business empire that spans fashion, technology, content creation, and – wait for it – wine. His passion for wine even led the All-Star to start his own digital series, “What’s in Your Glass” to discuss all things vino with friends, family, experts and wine lovers around the world. Hey, we do that, too, so join us as we talk with Melo about what makes his wine o’clock tick.


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