Dr. Christal Sohl discusses her cutting-edge research on cancer metabolism using easily understood imagery and metaphors, while sharing the personal stories that inspire her and other scientists to fight cancer with urgency and determination. Dr. Christal Sohl first fell in love with scientific research as an undergraduate at the UniversityContinue Reading

Dr. Susan addresses the widespread physical and psychological side effects of breast cancer treatments, with the goal of increasing awareness and offering practical ways for patients to cope. She discusses signs, symptoms, and resources for treatment-related side effects; palliative care; the doctor-patient conversation; and the Collateral Damage Project, an initiativeContinue Reading

Art beCAUSE’s mission is to fund scientific research on the environmental causes of breast cancer and educate the public on how prevention can be achieved. Together we can prevent breast cancer from ever affecting future generations of women and men. WeBo Media created this video to open their 2015 AnnualContinue Reading