Michael Rosen is very hungry. A parody of the Pumpkin World game, Hungry Pumpkin. The reason I could not key out the gray and white background was due to limitations with the software I was using at the time. #MichaelRosen #HungryPumpkin #PumpkinWorld NO! I don’t want that! Fair Use Disclaimer:Continue Reading

Food For the Hungry helps impoverished communities in Rwanda through education and sustainable resources such as livestock. By providing members of the community with the necessary knowledge and resources, Food For the Hungry allows the communities to grow on their own. sourceContinue Reading

Grab yourself some of Redditor’s fresh Reddit merch! r/entitledparents – In this entitled parents video an entitled parent demands free food at a supermarket! ? Subscribe! ? Like this video if you enjoyed! ? Twitter: ? Discord: ? Gaming Channel: ? Patreon: ? Become a Member: ?️ My Setup: ✍Continue Reading

Welcome to my channel! I am a dog lover and would do anything to help an animal in need. I live in Ukraine, Its very cold in winter time and very hot in summer time, and there are a lot of suffering dogs! I rescue abandoned, homeless and abused dogsContinue Reading

We were cycling around at night and came across 2 stray puppies along the way. We decided to head back home to get some food and water, then drove back to feed them. I wonder if they have other siblings, or if it’s just two of them. Their parents shouldContinue Reading

Created by LionMaus Media What would you do if a hungry child asked for help? We filmed children walking up to adults who were eating at a Farmer’s Market and asking them for food. Every single adult offered to give or buy the child something to eat. Our campaign aimsContinue Reading

WARNING: Graphic Content. Viewer discretion is advised. ——-//——- When you give one dollar, you are feeding five people.There is nothing more sacred than giving food-Anna Daanam.Keep aside your tithe for giving food to those who are hungry. “Rice is purified by a drop of ghee on it. In the sameContinue Reading