Daily Mass Celebrate the Mass with Fr. Paddy Mockler of Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Pass Christian, MS.  Please visit ‪www.mhtcatholic.org‬ to see detailed information about the parish and special schedule due to the Corona Virus. Please visit us! Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church ‪9062 Kiln-Delisle Road‬ ‪Pass Christian, MS  39571‬ ‪www.mhtcatholic.org‬ ‪www.facebook.com/mostholytrinityms‬ Watch Fr.Continue Reading

Lately, it seems that the church has more hatred than love, division than unity, and talks more about this world than Jesus. This should not be so. We are Christ’s Ambassadors, and while we are here, we should be pointing others to Him! Watch Amir’s entire teaching: sourceContinue Reading

Strong families make up the fundamental foundation of any successful society. Keeping good families together is our main priority. While we know that there are situations where interventions need to be made for the safety of children, we also know that there are too many situations in which families areContinue Reading