As Christ reached out to people of all faiths, we at Catholic Charities also strive to help and provide hope to everyone who comes to us. Strongly rooted in Catholic Social Teachings, we believe that all human life is sacred, that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect, andContinue Reading

00:00 Intro 09:23 Tristan-TX | Goal Of Getting People To Not Deny Reality 22:17 Presuppositionalist Debate Points 41:28 Jeff-OH | Mind And Body Need An Arbitrator 58:49 The Recipe-(CA) | Weak Seven Day Week Argument 1:12:51 Austin-MS | Fear Of Leaving People Behind In Death 1:19:28 Gabriel-(CA) | Tips OnContinue Reading

Hey everyone – hit like and subscribe to see what we produce next! I’m an Anglican Priest in the Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island and I get to serve in the Parish of St Margaret of Scotland, in the beautiful city of Halifax, NS, that sits onContinue Reading