As the city of Wilmington renovates one of it its top tourist destinations, officials are also considering how to improve an area often frequented by the homeless and mentally ill.  Eliminating the Riverwalk visitor center’s blind spots, adding surveillance cameras and site lighting are remedies the city plans to implement to address “certain behaviors” thatContinue Reading

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Shelters and housing advocates in the Twin Cities are preparing for the drop in temperatures coming this week. Steve Horsfield, executive director of Simpson Housing Services, says he’s feeling pressure. “We know the cold weather’s coming,” Horsfield said. “This is Minnesota. It’s not a mystery.” RELATED: Mpls.Continue Reading

Newly-elected Perth mayor Basil Zempilas has spoken out about his radical plan for a ‘safer, cleaner, friendlier city’ ahead of his swearing-in on Monday.  The high-profile Weekend Sunrise sports presenter and former Channel Seven host was voted in as Lord Mayor of the city on Saturday night.  The father-of-three sparkedContinue Reading