WASHINGTON – The Education Department plans to review an accrediting agency that approved a college with suspected ties to sex trafficking, after a USA TODAY investigation showed links between massage schools and illicit spas. The American Academy of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine remains accredited, which means its students can take out federal student loans or PellContinue Reading

In 2019, a local business-licensing office in suburban Minneapolis noticed a pattern with applicants from a nearby school’s massage therapy program. Two graduates worked at a massage parlor listed on Rubmaps (a website notorious for listing spas offering sex or sexual services). Another seven graduates had lost their licenses forContinue Reading

HONOLULU — Gov. David Ige signed two bills into law from the Women’s Legislative Caucus 2021 legislative package in front of House and Senate leaders of the bipartisan Hawai‘i WLC at the state Capitol last week. “These measures are important to prevent potential abuses or to assist victims with theContinue Reading

Human trafficking is one of the most illicit yet lucrative industries in the world. One of the largest human trafficking cases in Texas involved Hortencia Medeles, a Houston woman who was convicted in 2015 of sex trafficking and money laundering charges. According to trial documents, Medeles’ profits exceeded $1.6 million in just 19 months. TheContinue Reading

When I learned that one of our elected officials had created a policy to decriminalize sex buyers in our community, I was in shock.  Put simply, Washtenaw County Prosecuting Attorney Eli Savit has created a policy where sex buyers will not be criminally changed for the purchase of sex.  Savit contends thatContinue Reading