[ad_1] Many of the single moms in my community have a dream of having financial stability and wonder if owning their own business is the solution. Are you too wondering if it is possible to be an entrepreneur and a single mom? I started my mental health counseling business inContinue Reading

[ad_1] Single moms can use these journaling prompts to improve their mental health. Journaling can reduce anxiety and decrease depression when life gets hard and you have little hope. After my divorce, I sat for hours staring out the window sometimes crying, sometimes journaling trying to figure out how myContinue Reading

[ad_1]   Is work-life balance possible? I used to think it was impossible, some still do.  I shared this a few years ago, but with normal changing from day to day I thought it was time to share it with you again. This post may contain affiliate links, if youContinue Reading

[ad_1] In  5 Steps to Work Life Balance I give an overview of achieving that work-life balance we all strive for. In this post, I will focus on setting priorities as a way to improve time management. Sometimes it seems that everything is the top priority. Raising the children isContinue Reading

[ad_1] My twin daughters, Eve and Lily, are 14 months old. I spent the first 12 months of their lives in a state of euphoria. Don’t get get me wrong – I’m a Single Mother of Twins – it was hard, but I felt and continue to feel that forContinue Reading

[ad_1] I waited for a long time to find Mr. Right and start a family but that never happened. Finally, I was at an age where I needed to make a choice.  I investigated adoption and hit many barriers.  So, I decided to see a fertility specialist.  I decided againstContinue Reading