#catpawswow 31: Sharing the generosity of giving my poor food to poor kittens

Being able to share the generosity of giving to charity with poor kittens, can really help me teach young people and children, whether they are your own or others around you, the importance of caring for poor kittens, which is an important life lesson.
As we are in the rainy season, we need to implement the importance of giving charity to poor kittens. Explain to your people how fortunate they are compared to many kittens out there, who wish to be in their shelter, who wish to eat a warm, good meal and have fresh milk to drink.
This will allow us to prosper in life and become a lot more appreciative of everything, whether it is small or big. It will also teach them to give rather than to just always receive. When children see you donating even poor food to kittens, they are much more likely to adopt a giving mindset as they grow up. let them be part of the experience.


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