Celebrity Dentist Uses Philanthropy To Build A Billion Dollar Business | Dr. Bill Dorfman

In this episode of the Millionaire Mindcast, we have a spectacular guest, Dr. Bill Dorfman who shares a lot of value and insights on how to make a huge impact on the world, what’s the core foundational pillar of success, how to make opportunities to come on your way, how to treat failures and achieve the things you don’t have, and how to get to the top and stay there!

Dr. Bill Dorfman is a celebrity cosmetic dentist, a father, mentor, philanthropist, author of NY Times best-selling book Billion Dollar Smile and The Smile Guide, and Co-Founder of LEAP Foundation. He is the most famous cosmetic dentist worldwide and known as “America’s Dentist,” who is responsible for creating smiles for many of Hollywood’s brightest stars.

Dr. Bill has brought award-winning innovations to the world of dentistry. He helped develop such ground-breaking professional take-home teeth whitening products as Nite White, Day White, BreathRx, Zoom!, and Brite Smile.

Also, he is a recipient of 14 lifetime achievement awards and is well-known for being featured on shows like ABC’s Extreme Makeover and CBS’s and has been interviewed extensively for numerous television shows & magazines including ABC’s Good Morning America, The View, Oprah, CNN’s Larry King Live, NBC’s The Today Show, and a lot more!

Dr. Bill has built massive success as his company Discus Dental LLC, became the number one tooth whitening company in the world, and earning millions and millions of dollars. Having a big heart is a natural thing for him. He always gives back and makes an impact on other people. In fact, he was able to gather and give away 400 million dollars.

But before he got into this unbelievable success, he was a boy from a poor family who got nothing. But he has been so blessed overall. He didn’t realize the potential of building a company but had all the ingredients. Dr. Bill believed that he wasn’t going to achieve this if he was not taking the steps to attack the gaps. Instead of sitting like an idiot, he chose to help himself learn things outside of his comfort zone, grow and master it.

Bill never stops learning and constantly looking for mentors to show him better ways to do things. According to him, when you do business, think of a way to do it better than anybody else. You always have to look for a point of differentiation. Therefore, work your buns off, so took a hundred hours of continuing courses every year.

Likewise, he believes that everyone should not wait for opportunities to bump in your way. Instead, make opportunities because the universe doesn’t care about you, you need to care about you. You need to work hard in order to be successful, get to the top, and stay there. Dr. Bill always treats failure not as what it is but as a practice to do things much better. To him, you really only fail when you quit, and Dr. Bill doesn’t quit.

Also, Dr. Bill believes that he, who gives, receives the greatest gift. Giving back is a critical part of life. He feels like every time he gives back, aside from an unexpected blessing, it makes him so much happier. Currently, he enjoys helping the youngsters’ flourishes their life through his LEAP Foundation, a non-profit organization which is dedicated to building the next generation of leaders.

Some Questions I Ask:
● As you’re building the Discus dental & turn it into the number one tooth whitening company in the world, was it the vision that you started with? (01:59)
● Did you have somewhat of a plan as to how you can leverage not only philanthropy to make an impact but also the platform as an opportunity to scale? (09:53)
● What has been one habit or discipline or belief system that you still employ today and it’s almost the core foundational pillar of your success that applied at the beginning of the journey as well? (17:16)
● How many feedback points you’ve got leading up to that rocket ship of success? (24:40)
● What are you most proud of over your entrepreneurial journey? (27:16)
● How important is it for young aspiring entrepreneurs to bake in philanthropy and giving back? Why? (33:38)
● How have you gone about living like a millionaire not just in business but as a father, as a community leader, and more balanced and intentional life? (38:18)
● Your favorite celebrity smile that you have been the one created it? (43:27)

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