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Centre for Non-Profit Leadership – Leaders’ Lab Forum: Passion vs Competency

Between a board member candidate who is passionate about your organisational mission and one with competencies and experience in nonprofit governance, whom would you choose? Almost without exception, the answer is “passion for the mission”. In a recent Board Leadership Study 2020 by the Centre for Non-Profit Leadership, three key aspects of effective nonprofit boards emerge:

1. Fiduciary Role: Board performs fiduciary duties effectively through competent oversight and sound structures and processes.

2. Strategic Role: Board acts as strategic adviser to management by ensuring accountability towards stakeholders.

3. Generative Role: Board provides management with perspective and discernment for sustainable value creation.

Other than passion for the mission, what are the criteria most important to the organisation when selecting board members? What is your state of board leadership today? Join us, as frontline practitioners in the nonprofit space explore the challenges in balancing passion vs competency.

Speakers and Panellists:
1. Dr. Fermin Diez, Deputy CEO, National Council of Social Services
2. Ms. Theresa Goh, SID Council Member
3. Ms. Staphnie Tang, President, Breast Cancer Foundation
4. Mr. Glen Ong, Executive Director, The Girls’ Brigade Singapore

This Leaders’ Lab Forum is brought to you by:
– Centre for Non-Profit Leadership
– Singapore Institute of Directors
In collaboration with:
– Social Service Institute
– National Council of Social Service

The Leaders’ Lab Forums (known as Board Connect Forums from April 2021) comprise of a series of specially curated sessions where hot topics are being delivered via a panel of experts (professionals in that specific topic) and practitioners (current Board members or Executive Directors equivalent) in a panel setting. Participants will be able to ask pressing questions in an interactive and engaging style. Past topics include Board Chair-Executive Director relationship, Investing in Charity Reserves, Legal Structures of NPOs, Handling Board Conflicts in Non-Profit Organisations etc.

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