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CEO Of Bronx-Based Charter Jet Company Arrested


According to a report from The New York Post, a Bronx man has been arrested in a sting dubbed “Operation Mile High” for allegedly trafficking underage girls as young as 12 years old through his private charter jet company.

57-year-old Paul Alexander, the CEO of Central Jet Charter Company based in the Bronx, would allegedly charge his clientele more money for the younger girls and would only give the girls 33% of what was earned. Sometimes, Alexander would pay the underage girls with alcoholic drinks.

Neighbors knew that Alexander was a registered sex offender and known pedophile.

“I would always see him with little girls up there,” said neighbor Dan Santiago. “It was never one person coming out of the apartment, it was always like a group. I found that suspicious. He was doing something up there for sure.”

Alexander was arraigned on Saturday on several charges including multiple counts of sex trafficking of a child. 


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