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CEO of Charter Jet Company Charged with Sex Trafficking Underage Girls


The CEO of a charter jet company was arrested in the Bronx on Thursday and charged with sex trafficking, the Daily Beast reports.

Paul Alexander was apprehended following a sting operation where he offered sex with a 12-year-old girl and a 14-year-old girl to an undercover officer for $300. The CEO of Central Jet Charter is a two-time felon who was previously convicted of sexual assault and child pornography.

The NYPD and the New York Attorney General’s Office launched the probe after an underage girl told the police in March that the 57-year-old Alexander had been abusing her and selling her for sex. The investigation revealed that Alexander was trafficking girls across state lines, at which point the police set up a sting operation. 

Alexander showed the undercover officer nude photos of the two underage girls, and recommended that Alexander give them drugs and marijuana so they’d be more obliging.

Alexander’s arrest was the first time anyone has been charged under New York’s new law that incorporates sex trafficking of children. “There is nothing more reprehensible than sexually exploiting a child,” Attorney General Letitia James said in a statement.

Alexander is currently being held without bail and could be hit with a sentence of 50 years—and he’s no stranger to prison. He was registered as a Level 3 sex offender following a 1996 sexual assault conviction involving a female of unknown age, and in 2003, he was convicted of possession of an obscene performance by a child whom he knew.

His neighbor, Dan Santiago, told the New York Post that he saw a lot of people go in and out of Alexander’s apartment, which he found strange.

“I would always see him with little girls up there,” he said. “It was never one person coming out of the apartment, it was always like a group. I found that suspicious. He was doing something up there for sure.”


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