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Charities Week 2020

“God’s love must be made manifest. People must be able to feel to experience God’s love. Many people don’t have that experience partly because their circumstances are a constant struggle. And for them to think that there is an Almighty out there who loves them is too much of a stretch for them.” – Prof Tan Cheng Han

This Lent, make God’s love concrete by giving to Charities Week.

Charities Week is an annual fundraising event organised by Caritas Singapore, the social and community arm of the Catholic Church in Singapore. Caritas Singapore is the umbrella body for 27 Catholic Charities that help the vulnerable and marginalised regardless of race or religion. It is also a member of Caritas Internationalis, a global confederation of over 160 humanitarian organisations.

Donations to Charities Week 2020 will help the Caritas Singapore family continue our work on the ground to serve diverse and marginalised groups including low-income families, youths-at-risk, the incarcerated, people with physical disabilities, and also people with mental health problems.


► BROADCASTING by: Communications, Archbishop’s Office, Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore

► PRODUCTION by: Caritas Singapore •, Saint Max •


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