Chicago weather hits freezing temperatures as Chi-Care volunteers continue to provide warmth, food for homeless across city

CHICAGO (WLS) — As cold temperatures continue through Sunday, tens of thousands around the city remain without shelter.

Volunteers looked to help those in need of warmth and food.

“You need more food, you need a jacket or anything else?” asked Farhan Ahmed, Chi-Care volunteer.

Ahmed and his group of Chi-Care volunteers spend every weekend in Chicago handing out necessities to the city’s homeless.

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“Propane tanks, gloves, tents, coats, blankets, anything that will keep them warm,” said Abdul Hasib, Chi-Care co-founder.

While the city and other organizations coaxed many people who live on the streets into a shelter this weekend, many continue to remain outside under viaducts, along expressways and tents.

“These guys have to survive tonight. It’s going to be like -20 outside. It’s going to be horrible,” Ahmed said.

Chi-Care volunteers began their day at Skokie’s Pita Inn, where the restaurant, prepared over 400 meals for homeless Sunday morning. The food was provided at no cost.

“This is the third time we’ve been doing it because of the situation that is happening right now. It’s good to help,” said Alfredo Martinez, Pita Inn Skokie manager.

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There are approximately 80,000 homeless people in Chicago, according to some estimations. This number has grown since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’ve been out since March. We haven’t missed a week at all. We’ll be going all over Chicagoland.

City warming centers are open around the clock this weekend. Officials encouraged people to check on elderly neighbors and relatives as well as call 311 if someone is need of shelter.

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