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CHRONIC PAIN- The Invisible Disease

Chronic Pain-the invisible disease
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Many times you hear people say “your pain is all in your head” or “you crate your pain with your thoughts”.

When you are in Chronic pain, and you hear this, It feels very upsetting and hurtful, especially when you have been trying all kinds of different things to help yourself break free from that pain.

This video was inspired by a conversation that I had with a woman with chronic leg pain… who felt hurt, misunderstood by friends who told her that her pain was “in her head” because she dances, despite chronic leg pain.

They couldn’t believe that she could dance even though she had chronic pain.

Chronic pain has been called the iINVISIBLE DISEASE

When you’re in chronic pain you don’t look any different, you don’t talk different. No one can really know that you are in pain.

In fact, you simply learn to live with it n go about doing your regular activities despite all the pain.

But the pain is real
The pain is physical

After healing myself 15 years ago from my chronic pain and disease, what I know is that

CHRONIC PAIN is simply a message from your body… about the pain you are feeling WITHIN.

You are not consciously creating pain in your body. No one would do that…

But if you are not addressing the mental, emotional pain within… and ignoring it, or dismissing it, that “dis-ease” within adds up and eventually creates Disease n pain on the outside.

So you are creating pain and disease in your body unknowingly, by default, by not addressing, processing and releasing current stresses, old hurts, wounds, and pain you feel in different areas of your life.

In my upcoming book INSTANT PAIN RELIEF , I show you in depth how you can step by step address, process and clear the different pain layers within in order to experience lasting relief.

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