Church Charities Suck | Sally-(AU) | Truth Wanted 03.30


00:00 Intro
00:38 Anarchy And Changing The World With Scott Crow
18:28 Scott’s Conspiracy Theories
34:51 Sally-(AU) | Church Charities Suck
44:21 Alleviating Suffering Through Anarchy
50:17 Jamie-(AU) | Conspiracy Theories And Theists
1:02:14 Veganism Inspired Homophobia???
1:04:14 Tymm-WA | Victim Blaming In Kenosha
1:13:39 Jason-PA | America’s Harmful Cults


Good evening Truth Seekers! ObjectivelyDan is joined tonight by a special guest, Scott Crow! Scott is an author, activist, musician, and anarchist! Scott has worked to create power from below to create individual autonomy and freedom for ourselves. Right on!

First caller tonight is Sally from Australia, she wants to rant about church based charities. Sally is fed up with churches making people believe first or sit through a sermon to qualify for something as simple as food for the hungry. Scott points out that it’s the same for governments and corporations too, and informs us about solidarity over charity.

Jamie from Australia talks about the link between conspiracy theories and theism. Specifically Jamie notices theists tend to think conspiratorial. Theists are self important, have sources others don’t have access to, and if we just thought like them we would finally know the truth. Zealots of any kind tend to think this way too.

Tymm in WA talks about the victim blaming he noticed in Kenosha, WI after protest turned violent. Tymm noticed that people were painting victims in a bad light after the events in Kenosha. This has been a problem in all cities that had victims of violence from recent event protesting. News coverage hasn’t been very positive lately…

The last caller tonight, Jason in PA, talks about his conversion to Jehovah Witnesses, which he calls most definitely a cult. Jason feels that roughly 30-40% of Americans are involved in a cult, religious or otherwise. Dan and Jason commiserate how religious cults do harm in the name of good.

That’s all the Truth for this week! You can learn more about Scott Crow at Thanks for watching, stay safe out there, and wear a sh*tf***ing mask.

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