Clean-Water Charities: Project for Awesome 2016 Entry

My page on Project of Awesome, where you can vote for this video if you like:

I fully admit I haven’t put a ton of research into vetting these charities. I’ve put the research into understanding why they’re important, and let groups like Goodnet and such do the vetting. I just hope I’m not promoting a charity that’s a front for other things.

But as far as I know, is good, as are Charity: Water and Water Is Life. (That last one I had heard of before but forgot about until I was getting screenshots for this video… I recorded me saying the tagline in my video before being reminded of it.)

Project 4 Awesome: They liked their URL so much they named the organization after it!
Charity: Water:

A charity not mentioned on the list of 7 I had in the video. Christian charity whose statement of faith shows a focus on evangelism. Again, I haven’t spent any time figuring out if it’s a good charity, so if you want to donate, do your research!

For, I liked these ones:

For other charities:
The Harry Potter Alliance: (love her accent! also her enthusiasm for the cause, and how informative the video is, and how much more organized she was in her presentation than I was in mine)
The name of the charity intrigued me, but what they actually do is really cool! Worldwide chapters competing via the HP houses to do the most good in many ways, including a book drive (Accio Books!) that established a school and a library this year!

Free the Children:
A kid got assassinated for trying to raise awareness about the deplorable conditions of children working in his area. This prompted another kid to make a charity just to help kids in poverty-stricken areas around the globe.

Last Mile Health:
Trying to ensure that fewer people have to travel a long ways just to get basic health care.


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