Club donates sleeping bags to help homeless people in Milton Keynes survive winter months


The Lions Club of Bletchley donated eight new sleeping bags to Homeless MK to help with its project of keeping homeless people safe, especially now as the winter months are upon us.

Lion President Vic said: “The club want to do something to help these people, that is why we have come up with the sleeping bag project. We needed to link up with another charity to

distribute the sleeping bags, so Homeless MK was chosen and we have worked with Carl to deliver the bags to the people who most require them.”

The Lions Club in Bletchley donated eight sleeping bags to Homeless MK
The Lions Club in Bletchley donated eight sleeping bags to Homeless MK

The Lions said it acknowledges there are some great initiatives in Milton Keynes, such as the Night Shelter and the YMCA, but the charities report that demand is so high that people are being turned away.

A Lions spokesperson said the club has also donated money to Lions Food cupboard MK and Leighton Buzzard helpers to support them to feed people in these difficult times.

The spokesperson said: “This year has truly been unlike any other the Lions history. The Lions worldwide have, through incredible innovation and commitment, continued to serve safely in our world’s greatest time of need, helping our communities to stay strong.

“We have faced great challenges, but we have also achieved great things, together with the help of friends and helpers from outside the Lions.”


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