Colorado Springs police warn of police impersonation scam claiming phone numbers were found in sex trafficking ring

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) – The Colorado Springs Police Department is warning of a police impersonation scam, where the caller claims your phone number was found in a sex trafficking ring.

CSPD said the suspect has called citizens, quickly provided a supposed detective name and badge number, and stated their phone number was found in a sex trafficking ring. Citizens we told to go to a website and enter their personal information, and if they didn’t cooperate, a warrant would go out for their arrest.

If this happens to you:

If any citizen is contacted by someone stating they are a police officer or detective, and the citizen isn’t sure of the officer or detective’s identity, the citizen should request to meet the officer or detective in person at any CSPD police station. Alternately, citizens should copy down the officer’s name and badge number, then contact the CSPD non-emergency line to verify the information and a work phone number.

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