Combining Online Fundraising and Marketing Teams

Online fundraising for nonprofit organizations is key in today’s world. When you need an easy way to raise money, online crowdfunding tied in with other marketing efforts can help skyrocket you to your fundraising goal.
Online marketing for nonprofit organizations is no longer optional. In fact, Having a website helps validate the organization’s legitimacy. It may be unfair, but when people search for your website and find nothing, they begin to wonder if you are really who you say you are. Having a website is one of the costs of admission for a nonprofit.

You must have an appealing website that can easily be found by people searching on the Internet; you must have a way to collect email addresses of those who visit so you can follow up; and you must have a way for people to donate online.

Online marketing for a nonprofit is very similar to what a business does, and is an essential aspect of your organization’s fundraising efforts. Marketing and fundraising are two halves of a whole. But when they don’t operate that way, the outcome of each team’s efforts is far less than it could be, undermining an organization’s ability to engage its base.

Join us for invaluable information on planning and implementing an online marketing and fundraising campaign in an effort to help your organization reach and exceed its funding goals for the year.

Topics of Interest:

• Marketing and Fundraising as a Combined Effort
• Online Marketing Strategies
• Online Fundraising Strategies
• Best Practices for Connecting Marketing and Fundraising Teams


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